Artisan Spotlight – Melissa’s Muse

Melissa Symons (Vandermeer) was born in Calgary Alberta Canada. Coming from generations of experimenting Dutch artists and musicians, the love of color and creativity was in her blood.

Growing up in the 80’s Melissa couldn’t be bothered with dolls or barbies; instead she wanted Smelly Felt pens, Light Bright or any kind of craft that involved color.

In her teens and twenties playing/writing classical music was her passion. Ten years later, after marrying a loving husband, she was able to connect with the less serious, childlike part of herself through painting.

Learning on her own, Melissa tried all the paint medias and loved the forgiveness of acrylic paint along with the blending of oil. She often uses both mediums in her paintings.

Melissa enjoys painting so much that time stands still as she accentuates the beauty in animals and places that are already so beautiful on their own. She slips into her art studio whenever she can for a few hours of bliss, in-between her job as an RMT and cat mom.


Check out more of Melissa’s work in her Artisan Store: Melissa’s Muse




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