Artisan Spotlight – TJ Country Soaps

We are happy to have TJ Country Soaps as one of the amazing artisans in the the Live Love Art community. Their cold process soaps are very gentle on sensitive skin, and their felt wrapped soap is our favorite! Want to learn more about these lovely ladies? Check out their bio below and then shop their wonderful products in their store: TJ Soaps

About Teresa Heringer and her mom, Joyce Lemke

It all began in 1999….I never dreamt I’d become a soap maker! But the eczema on my face around my nose bothered me a nd I started looking for alternative cleansers to use on my sensitive skin. After much research we found that goat’s milk happens to be a wonderful natural moisturizer, is great for sensitive skin, and had properties beneficial for conditions like eczema and psoriasis. We decided to try developing our own soap and through much trial and error and over many years we created a line of 25 varieties of soaps. We keep our formula simple and it is all hand crafted in the traditional cold process method which requires the soaps to cure over a 30 day period.  The soaps are very hard and will outlast commercial soaps by three to four times. We have always been inspired by nature and the healing abilities of certain plants, flowers and herbs which we also use in our soaps.

Our customers, mostly from Alberta have supported us at farmer’s markets, shops, craft shows and trade fairs. Now you can find us online too! We hope our soaps bring a little bit of joy to you each and every day!

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